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The North American Simulation Series (N.A.S.S.) has a limited number of openings for our on-line competition. Our online leagues use NASCAR Racing 2003 by Sierra, and require that you have a good connection to our ISP-based server.

N.A.S.S. has operated online leagues since 1995 and the days of Hawaii. We also support our own private server, so you can be assured of quality bandwidth for your online races. Our main objective is to have fun and take care of your fellow drivers. If everyone enters with that motto, quality racing will soon follow.

Please be advised that most (but not necessarily all) drivers will start their N.A.S.S. career in our entry level THUNDER Division. THUNDER is a fixed setup division that runs on Monday evenings. Other divisions to which you may eventually graduate (as of 1/9/05 -- N.A.S.S. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ALTER ANY AND ALL DIVISION STRUCTURS AND SCHEDULING) are LIGHTNING (Tuesday) and our TRUCK SERIES Division (Thursday). The Thursday night TRUCK SERIES Division is open to all N.A.S.S. drivers who are interested, regardless of in which division of N.A.S.S. they compete. All divisions are fixed setups. Please take the above schedule into account when deciding which division of NASS is right for you.

Please be patient. Depending on circumstances, some period of time may transpire before we contact you. If your application is accepted, you will be notified via email, and you will be invited to a series of test races to help us gauge your abilities.

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(IMPORTANT NOTE:  N.A.S.S. is requiring that all Online ID's conform to the following specifications - "RealLifeFirstName ReallifeLastName". For example: "Phil Lynott", "Gary Moore", "Scott Gorham", "Brian Downey". If you currently use an alternative ID, create a new ID which follows the specification stated above, and use only this new ID for N.A.S.S. ONLINE events. You can retain your alternative ID for use in other series.)
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