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Last Revised January 16, 2003

Nascar Simulation Sites

The Pits - US Mirror Site

  • If it's sim racing related, you'll probably find it here.

Blackhole Motorsports

  • Support for all types of sims, including cars, setups, and utilities.

Precision Racing

  • Setups and support for N3, N4, cars & trucks.

Team Lightspeed Motorsports

  • One of the best sites out there for N4 setups.

Papyrus Homepage

  • The official home of Papyrus products.


  • Lots of NASCAR® Racing related stuff to be found here, including some of the best car sets on the web.

Mike's Nascar World

  • A great site for Nascar Racing cars and setups.

Roger Smith's Home Sweet Homepage

  • Another great site for sim and real racing links.

LikeReal Racing

  • This is the official site for the LikeReal LAN events nationwide.

Wheel Manufacturers

Thrustmaster Online

  • One of the leading manufacturers of wheels and other game controllers.

TSW Homepage

  • The TSW Homepage, home of the Thomas Super Wheel. You'll fine pictures, specs, and ordering info here on the TSW.

ECCI System Homepage

  • Homepage of the Extreme Competition Controls wheel & pedal system.

Other Sims & Fantasy

Grandprix Games

  • A great site in support of the GP simulation.

The CCG Nascar2 AI Project

  • AI updates for many N2 tracks. Check to be sure these are legal for series use before installing.

Misc. Stuff

Sam Spade.org

  • Cool little site with utilities for tracing email, ping, and other valuable info.


  • A great site for racing news from around the globe.

Switchboard: Find a Person

  • Ever wandered where you old high school friend ended up? Maybe you can locate him through the Switchboard.

Four11 Directory Services

  • Searching for an email address? This may be the website you need.

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