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I'm new to On-Line Racing. Can I race in your series?
  • N.A.S.S. is constantly looking for quality drivers to join our different Divisions. N.A.S.S. prides itself in a series structure which is compatible with drivers of all levels, from the raw rookie (who show's proper on-line racing skills, of course) all the way up to the seasoned veteran in search of new 'stomping grounds'. We do, however, only accept new applicants a few times per year, and new drivers are added as space allows. But please don't misinterpret that as a closed door to N.A.S.S. Please feel free to contact N.A.S.S. Administration with any questions, regarding the potential for you to compete in one of the premier on-line racing leagues on the Internet, by utilizing our "Contact" page:
    Contact N.A.S.S.. Also, we make every effort to post an announcement on the main N.A.S.S. Online homepage when new applications are being accepted.
How do I install the car files for N.A.S.S. Online?
  • Simply download the zip file for your division via our car set page. Then unzip into the appropriate \Cars folder. No files should be overwritten in the process, unless you have a previous version of a driver's car.
I was booted during the race this week. What can I do?
  • Not much we're afraid. If you were booted during qual or warmup, you still have a chance to re-join the race. Getting booted is something we all have to deal with from time to time.
I was wrecked by another driver. Is there anything I can do?
  • It all depends on the circumstances of the wreck. If it was just a racing accident, there's not much we can do. Wrecks are a fact of life in real racing, as well as our series. However, if you believe the wreck was in violation of one of the series rules for recieving a strike, and you have a replay to backup your charge, contact the appropriate series director about the incident within 3 days of the event. See the specific rules for filing a protest on the rules page.
    However, drivers should always try to work out these problems on their own first. E-Mailing the driver for an explanation is usually a good first step in resolving the problem. If that doesn't work, that's why we have rules and league administrators.
If I want to lodge a protest, how do I handle this?
  • First, as advised above, try to work it out with the other driver via E-Mail. If that fails, there are time limits for protests and other criteria you must meet. Consult the online rules for full details about how to lodge a protest.
What does it cost to run in one of the N.A.S.S. Online series?
  • Nothing, besides your local charges for connection to the internet. However, we do accept donations to support the cost of co-location of our server.
I'd like to send E-Mail to the other drivers. Can I do that?
  • Yes. We operate a mailing list exclusively for the N.A.S.S. Online series. If you are a member in good standing of the online series, you were added when you became a member. If you're not getting mail from the other drivers, contact a league director to find out why.
Sometimes I see cars "warping". What can I do to correct this?
  • In some cases, this is a result of a bad connection to your ISP, or modem settings on your equipment. In addition, attempting to use America Online, Prodigy, or other internet "services" will more than likely cause problems for you and other drivers. We recommend a direct connection to the internet via a local service provider.
During a yellow I ran out of fuel. What should I have done?
  • If your car becomes disabled for any reason, you must clear the track by calling for the tow truck. This is done by hitting ALT + I keys together. Failure to do this will result in a black flag for many of your fellow drivers. You should also call for the tow truck if you are crashed and can't move, or if an emergency arises during your race.
How can I monitor my frame rate during online races?
  • Hitting ALT+F while in the race car will turn on the frame rate monitor in the upper right corner of your screen. You should be a 20 or above for smooth game play.
Can I type a private message to my teammate during an online race?
  • Actually, you can, by placing the car# and "/" in front of your message. For instance, if your teammate is in car #77 you could type:
    /#77 Shall we pit this lap?

    However, please remember that your first priority is keeping good control of your car. If you are in heavy traffic, typing anything is not advised. Only messages in your autochat should be used at a time like this. There's an old online saying that still holds true today....."chat kills".
What is autochat, and how do I use it?
  • Your autochat is located in the player info section of Nascar Racing 2003. We suggest adding such phrases as "TimW pitting this time by" as one example. Ending an Autochat message with a dollar sign ($) will cause the game to submit this will a hi-priority tag helping it to show up for other drivers sooner. Many drivers print their autochat messages using a word processor, cut the paper down to a smaller size, and tape the autochat messages to their screen monitor for quick reference during racing.
If I need to miss a league race, what should I do?
  • Contact the director for your division and inform him of your absense. We provide a certain number of provisionals for all drivers during the season. If you miss 3 consecutive races without telling us why, you may be removed from the league without further notice.
What if I have a race night conflict? Am I out of the series?
  • Not necessarily. Contact your league director to see what kind of arrangements can be made for the length of your absense. But problems arise when you just don't show up and don't tell us why. We do enough work here to support the series, and we shouldn't have to write you asking why you're not racing. If you're serious about racing with us, do what needs to be done to protect your spot.

Contact N.A.S.S. Administration with any questions or comments by utilizing our "Contact" page:
Contact N.A.S.S.
N.A.S.S. Online Administration

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